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Pressure Sores


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Dec 16, 2015
Hi all,

Been told mum,s pressure sore on her heel is an "ungradable" type. Is unable to put pressure on it. Anyone had any experience of these and what time can be needed to heal these wounds?




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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Ungradable means that the depth of the wound cannot be determined because of the presence of dead tissue or slough. It is likely to be a stage 3 or 4.

Pressure sores require expert management and can take a long while to heal, stage 3 or 4 could be weeks/months.

Just found this chart.
It's put 'Unclassified PU' instead of 'ungradable' and referenced it as grade 3 until it can be graded as 3 or 4.
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Sep 13, 2014

My dad has a grade 3 pressure sore on his heel. The District Nurses manage it by coming in every couple of days to monitor it and dress it. It has started to heal now but it has taken weeks and weeks.

Is your mum still at home? Maybe you could ask for a hospital bed with with a special mattress to help prevent pressure sores.

Hope it starts to heal soon.


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Dec 16, 2015
Thanks Stresshead for your reply, hope your not living up to your name!!

Was at home but in a local nursing home for assessment for mobility and District Nursing are dealing with it. Yes they got an Air mattress two days after we found the sore. Assessment for mobility by using a hoist to move her everywhere, some assessment eh!!




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Jul 14, 2006
The Tissue Viability team are in charge of my husband since he had a bed sore. He has had an air flow mattress for a long time but got a sore from just sitting out of bed for half a day. The TV team monitor him and set up a regime of how long he can be out of bed.

They have managed him wonderfully and he has been clear of the sore for many months. When he, as they say, pinks up a little then the time out of bed is reduced and turning is every hour and their diligence and the carers following their orders keeps him free of the sore or any others. They also do not allow one part of his body to rest on another. They use gel pads on skin to skin contact or pillows where clothes cover the touching areas.

Can't praise them enough.