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Premium Bonds.

sonia owen

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Hi All,

Mum had £55 of Premium Bonds which she brought back in the 50's 60's When the local council checked her details for her housing benefit in 2010 she had them so they were classed as part of her capital.
She cashed them in a few years ago. The council want to see something that this was the case. I can't find anything to proof to show them when they come. I said this to them on the phone yesterday. They said a letter would have to be written stating the fact that they have now gone signed by mum.
Any help in how to write this kind of letter would be helpful thanks

Sonia xxx


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May 21, 2014
They are making a fuss about £55 worth of premium bonds? How on earth can that amount make a difference to her housing benefit calculations? Jobsworths, the lot of them.

Just say
"Dear Sir/Madam
This is to confirm that I am no longer in possession of my Premium Bonds as I cashed them in a few years ago to buy lobster and champagne.
Kind regards"

On second thoughts, don't joke - they probably don't have any humour either.


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
The NS&I will be able to say that your mother no longer has any premium bonds.
I'd write to them and then sent their reply to the Council.


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Dec 14, 2011
I'm with Beate. It's a ridiculous amount of fuss over £50. Someone could have that in a jam jar, made up of change, topped up with what's behind sofa cushions. Would that be classed as part of their capital too?

Saffie's right, though. Get the information and pass it on. If they still want to know where the money went... yup, the lobster and champagne line works well for me!


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Aug 22, 2009
If she can sign the letter then that's fine. If she is unable to sign, have you got Power of Attorney for her?