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Practical question ref Adapted clothes for mum and the nursing home


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May 25, 2011
Greater London
Hi : my mum is now in advanced stages of Alzheimer. She has become quite stiff in her elbows and has problem with extending arms hence the staff finds it difficult now to put her bra on. She needs it - in addition to her cotton vest top - not to get cold in the chest (she keeps sneezing if none). So she used to wear bras with 3 x hook fastening & wide adjustable straps but the staff very often had no time to fasten all the hooks and put the straps in place. So my mum was not comfortable. Then I bought one you attach at the front but my mum did not like it. So I bought some stretching comfort bras without hooks which were fine for the past year. :D However my mum is not flexible enough now to extend her arms and she has pain when the staff is putting it on. So any idea what to get as a substitute ? Any idea welcome ! ;)


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Apr 16, 2012
When my MIL got really stiff, we bought her vests (from adaptawear) that the NH staff found much easier to put on. They also do nighties and dresses. The dresses aren't very nice and, for some peculiar reason, you have to pay VAT on the vests.


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Oct 19, 2009
After I had surgery, I had to wear this surgical support sort of bodice thing! It had both hooks and a zip up the front and wide comfy straps, but the best thing was that the straps opened completely for putting it on (because I wasn't supposed to raise my arms at all) - the straps fastened in the front with Velcro. That thing was so comfortable! Not sure where you'd get one though!

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Dec 15, 2012
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