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Power of attorney


Registered User
Feb 5, 2015
Hi just wondering if anybody has done POA on line ?

It looks simple enough and much cheaper than going to solicitors but is there any catches ??


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
For a straight forward application with no special clauses you should not have any problems.

Just make sure that you understand the difference 'joint' and 'joint and several'.

The OPG are very helpful with queries but will not give specific advice.


Registered User
May 21, 2014
No catches. It really is simple and you can copy all info over to the second POA with a click of the mouse. Plus the software automatically crosses out sections that aren't applicable (for example if you have only one attorney). You can also save the document at any point and go back to it later. You still have to print it and get it signed and dated, but at least no one can mistake your handwriting for a different meaning! I also thought it was easier to fill in page by page instead of overloading you with guidance notes like the paper version.


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Feb 21, 2013
Near Reading
I did mum's on-line. Whilst long-winded the forms aren't complex so unless you've got a particularly complex arrangement you should be fine to do them yourself. Another example of solicitors charging a huge amount for what is something pretty straightforward!