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Power of Attorney


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Feb 20, 2015
I am POA for my uncle and have managed his affairs under POA for 3 years. I had certified copies made at Job Centre and sent them off to banks, HMRC, accountant, pension suppliers etc and all were implemented with the exception of one pension provider.
The pension is only £5 a month but they have now stopped payment until they receive originals of either my passport or driving license, plus secondary ID of bank statements or utility bill. If copies are to be sent they must be certified by lawyer, banker, accountant.
They have already written to the home to ensure he is still alive, and the payments were being made into the same bank account that he has held for years.
I certainly would not trust this company with any original documents and while I am tempted to write this off due to it only being £5 a month it is now the principle of it. If I were to ignore, do these funds get held until a death is registered and then all pending funds get released? I am tempted to contact the ombudsman about this but not sure of the rules.
rant over!:mad:


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Nov 28, 2005
It is ridiculous that a company should be so finicky about this when you have already provided the POA! However to cut the fuss I would be inclined to send them an original utility bill, keeping a copy for yourself and the original driving license providing you send recorded delivery (at least here the DVLA have proof so if lost not such an issue).

My thoughts only! Good luck.


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Aug 22, 2009
I would check with the Office of the Public Guardian directly. They might be able to advise what to say because this company are being unreasonable to you.

I had severe problems with M&S investments who would not treat the LPA in the same way as every other institution and required me to send proof of all attorneys, not just me, even though we were joint and several. We all had to provide driving licences and utilities and a letter to say they agreed with me being the acting attorney. I should have complained further at the time but just wanted it sorted.


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May 20, 2014
if they say they will accept a certified copy of your passport/driving lisence - I would pay the small fee and pop into a solicitors, I was told they do copies without appointments, and popped in on a Monday morning first thing, it took 5 mins
I wouldn't send originals for sure


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Jan 20, 2014
Yes I would get certified copies and be damned, it is an annoying expense but you can take it out of your Uncle's funds and recoup through the fiver a month but I agree, very annoying, depends if you have the energy for disputing it.