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Power of attorney


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Feb 22, 2006
sort of north east ish
All being well, the process of me getting enduring power of attorney for dad should be finalised in the next few days/weeks. Everyone I've spoken to has asked if I have it, and many express some relief that I'm about to get it. It's clearly regarded as "A Good Thing". But, thing is, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with it :confused: I mean, I know it enables you to manage someone's finances and sell their property etc. I get that broad general idea ...... but how does it work? who do I need to contact to let them know I have it? is it something I keep in my wallet and whip out at the appropriate moment? several people I've tried to sort things out with for dad have said that they want it (attendance allowance people, and TV licensing for example). I can't send it everywhere at once? how soon do you get it back? should i send it by registered post?

How do I know who needs to see it? Where do I start with sorting things? Everything, utility bills, pension statements, bank statements etc still comes to dad's house in his name at the moment, but he's been in nursing home 7 weeks now (I think it's 7 - time starts to do some strange things)

Bracing myself for the next onslaught of sorting (the house clearing and trying to work out whether to sell or let continues alongside this new one) and would appreciate any advice.


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Dec 27, 2004
HI ,you might find it safer ,to obtain a few copys , and get the solicitor to signe these ,they dont usualy charge for them , Then keep the original one safe , mine was lost the first time it was sent out ,did trace it finaly , it had been sent back to wrong address ,luckily it was sent back ,GOOD LUCK


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May 20, 2004
I had the original and 3 certified copies. Initially I used it to add myself and the 2nd attorney as signatories on Aunts bank account as she was no longer able to sign for herself. The ease of getting it set up varied between different banks. Nat West were very good but HSBC dragged their heels and didn't seem as used to handling EPAs.

I had to use it to deal with anyone such as the pensions department or Inland Revenue and companies in whom she held shares when I needed to be able to discuss anything with them. The local council and utility companies also wanted sight before accepting any instructions from me in respect of the house, and the post office when I first asked for the mail to be redirected. Later on when the time came that Aunt was becoming incapable of making decisions herself then I had to register it (I did it through her solicitor) and once again I notified the banks as they wanted to see the new registered and stamped copy before removing Aunts signatures etc from the accounts.

It basically just backs you up when you need to prove you have the authority to act. I carried a copy around for some time but everything is pretty well organised now so they are all back on file.

I dread to think how we could have coped if it had not been set up before her health deteriorated so badly.

Good Luck