power of attorney


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Feb 24, 2006
My mother's solicitor charged £120. I didn't think we could do it ourselves because the whole point was to have an outside person who could decide for himself if she understood what she was signing, rather than just having a tyrannical family forcing her to sign things.

By the time she got her next bank statement she couldn't remember having signed it and didn't approve.

I only signed cheques in her presence and telling her what they were for. She thought I spent an awful lot of her money on food. (Well, left to herself she'd have starved long ago.)



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Apr 16, 2006
Thank,s for info

Thank you again:) for the information on POA I went on to the web site you recommended and got the booklet and form with no problems. I am not good with computers so if I can do this any one can. My next problem will be filling it in, but I am going to have a go. It is so great not to be so alone with this new world of confusion an memory loss, it has a different language to learn as well :eek: I some times feel like I have landed on mars ,but I at least know now I have other earthlings here with me:)


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May 24, 2006
The EPA forms are actually very very simple indeed

They were more difficult 10 years ago

All you will need is your mum to sign it where she is told and a witness

Most Banks etc will accept it as is without being registered

If you need more help send me a private message via this forum and i will help you through it ...........i have just dealt with lots of different organisations