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Power of Attorney Question.


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Sep 13, 2014
Hi All

Does anybody know if when I register my Lasting Power of Attorney, for my dad, with the bank, will they take his bank card from him?


Stresshead xx


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Aug 30, 2013
Dependant on the bank. They may issue new ones with both his and you names.
Unless you want him not to have one, then talk to the bank, most when they realise the situation can be quite helpful.



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Mar 23, 2015

stresshead, My Mam still had her bank card when the POA was registered. Although when she went into the home and had lost capacity to use it HSBC issued a card with My name first and it says my Mams name and POA next to it. I got a cheque book as well.

It's ok though if your Dad still has capacity to use it my Mam just forgot the pin all the time.

It took about a month for the card and cheque book to come through and I had to take POA to the bank and Id as well.

Hope that helps.


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May 31, 2015
Hi Stresshead (love the name - suits me at the moment)!

I've registered LPA with 3 banks now. One said they would send any paperwork to just one address so I registered mine. One copied me in on everything. The third asked if they should restrict Mum's access. Not one of them said they'd take her card away.
I find it reassuring that Mum has access to her current account but I can keep an eye on it. She can still get money from the cashpoint and pay for her shopping.


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Jan 9, 2014
They wont take his card away unless you ask them to though you may want to set him up with a basic account and keep a small amount in it for basics just in case he loses his card.


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Stresshead
As said it varies, some go as far as freezing the account until they've done all the checks and paperwork to ensure everything is in order which can be less than helpful when you have bills to pay.
Although one bank I dealt with (small flying insect and left on a compass if you get my drift) wanted to apply the Scottish laws as they're now owned by a Scottish bank, so they make you do things the Scottish way.
As the holder of the LPA it's really for you to decide whether he has a card or not, but when the POA get's registered and you tell the bank who knows what they'll do.
Any chance of a clue which bank you're dealing with as they vary someone might be prepared to PM their experiences with say "the black horse" bank so nothing too controversial gets posted on the public part of the site.
Before you do tell the bank I'd think through the possibilities; do you want the card stopped as capacity has gone and they might do something untoward with it versus if they freeze the account will you be in the poo?
If you want the former and aren't bothered by the latter then OK but it' seems to be pretty much on a wim of the person at the bank, I was told one thing in the branch only to be told that was wrong by the call centre and then that the call centre was wrong by the legal department. Bit of a minefield. my Mum had accounts with 3 banks and no 2 said the same thing.