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Power of Attorney once memory is greatly affected


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Mar 3, 2015
My mother in-law has been diagnosed with Alzheimers in the last 2 years and currently my partner and his sister have joint power of attorney for property and finances, which was gained over a year ago now to support her with bills etc whilst living at home. This last year has seen rapid deterioration to the point where very little is remembered and I would not feel she is mentally 'sound' to go through forms for the health and well being paperwork for power of attorney, but someone needs to be able to make decisions on her behalf now. Wishing both had been done at the same point before things got this bad, but this is where we are at. Does anyone know what the alternative is when this point is reached?


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May 21, 2014
I don't think there is one as deputyship for health and welfare is seldom granted (but do correct me if I am wrong peeps). However, as long as your mum still understands what she is signing IN THE MOMENT, it doesn't matter whether she forgets all about it two minutes later. There are people here who are getting by just fine without a health & welfare LPA, but I guess it depends on the attitude of the professionals you are dealing with. I think it's good to have it as a safety net so why don't you try to go through the forms with her and see what her reaction is?