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Posterior Cortical Atrophy and end of life care


New member
Sep 8, 2019
My husband is 65 and has had PCA for about 9 years.A few weeks ago he became extremely unwell requiring admission to hospital, he has now been moved to a psychiatric hospital .
My husband is extremely agitated, frightened and in pain. Although they are trying to manage this ie.he has a morphine patch and as required larazopram he needs four nurses at night to keep him safe.
He doesn’t open his eyes, he eats and drinks very little but he still wants to run on the moors. This is a living hell for both of us.
Has anyone got any advice as to how to manage this type of fear and agitation?
I have probably entered this in the wrong place.Sorry.


Registered User
Jul 7, 2019
All you can do is request medication from the prescribing GP to be increased or started to allow your loved one the dignity & peace he deserves at this sad time.
I recommend speaking to the nurse / matron in charge & voicing your concerns. They will help you find out the options available in his care.
At this moment in time you are his best advocate & though I speak from experience of the heart ache this brings it’s your PWD best interests that are first & foremost now.
I’m sending you a (((((((((( bighug)))))))))))
Please let me know how you get on, I am with you on this difficult path.

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