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Possible extra care placement, how to handle...?


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Oct 14, 2015
Hi again

MIL is 91 mixed dementia still has capacity has just had a bout of pneumonia and a very short stay in hospital. lived with us last 18m in our home,

Extra care facility manager called today to let us know a place is availabale for MIl so need to visit om Monday if MIL approves complete paperwork and have a discussion with care manager about careplan package for MIL

MiLhas been keen to return to her old town but isobseesedwitha CH opposite ber church which she has been assessed as not needing (she is LA funded) which may be the main sticking point as the extracare is a couple of miles across town so notopposite the 'hallowed' church however will allow her to more easily attend all ber religious meetings sheused to go to and be neaerr older family and old friends but half an hour away from us. (When she lived in the twon she was a mile and half away at least, always relied on lfts asshe of FiL never drove!)

Just wondering if any one has any suggestions of how to give MIL the positive spin as usually she is psychophantic with 'professionals' but will harp on about the CH which a church friend suggested once...:rolleyes:.really want her realsie this is the choice... a very nice choice too which me and OH have seen already....

Have others found this process simple with extra care... it comes under housing for accomodation with the 'care' package sorted by local SS??



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Nov 7, 2011
[No real advice but didn't just want to read and run :)

This sounds like a good compromise so good luck.

I wonder if dropping the subject for a few days might be beneficial, in that she's not constantly reinforcing her arguments against it.

And I'd be tempted to tell her on the day that you're going on an outing and let the Extra Care manager work her magic ;)

With a bit of luck it might all just come across as a new idea.


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Jul 20, 2011
I agree with Chemmy and on the day I might even be tempted to say, 'well we are now off to have a look at that place you liked the look of near to your friends' or something similarly positive
good luck, sounds like a good place

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