Positive experiences of nursing/care homes??


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Feb 5, 2007

It looks like 1 of my grandparents will be going into a home. I'm not sure how I feel about this really.
I was wondering if anyone had any positive experiences of nursing/care homes, it seems that, like with most things, you only hear about the bad. I'm sure there are lots of good things going on out there - It would be nice to hear of just some of them.:)


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Jan 4, 2006
Hiya Laura,
My mum went into a NH just over a year ago.
We had dreaded the idea - but my dad could not care for her any longer.
The staff make it as 'homely' as possible; the manageress listens to any concerns that we have, and acts on them. There are no tea making facilities for relatives, but we know that we can help ourselves from the tea trolley , when it is there - and the carers often get my dad a drink, when they bring mum's.
It will never be the same as having mum at home - but it certainly isn't all bad.
Hope this helps.
Love Helen


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Feb 28, 2005
west mids
Hi Laura,

my nan had AD several years ago and spent her last three years in a fantastic care home. My mum has also developed the disease and has a bed reserved at the same home in a months time.
Im a nurse of 25 years experience and I was very critical when trying to find a home. Although a touch shabby , I discovered that the reason for this was that many of the residents take their own loved pieces of furniture with them, as well as their pets! Before lunch and tea they had a drinks trolley offering a tipple , and the cook baked homemade cakes every afternoon. There was never a smell of urine and nans clothes were always beautifully laundered.
The turover of staff is low, and amazingly many of the staff that cared for my nan will be looking after my mum too.
We do hear some awful stories, but there are excellent caring establishments out there too. Visit the homes, talk to residents and their families and look at the Social Service Inspection reports, to get a feel for the place.

LOts of luck
Ally xx


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Laura

I was scared witless at the thought of my lovely wife Jan having to live in a care home - at the time she was only 61.

The home where she has lived for over 5 years since then is excellent. You know such a place is good when you overhear two of the care staff talking, not knowing you are there. "what did you do when you first started work?" the one asked. "I worked in an accounts office, and was there for some years" came the reply. "Which job would you rather do - that or this?" the first asked. "Oh I'd have always done caring if I had known about it - it is so rewarding" came the reply.

... and we all know that "rewarding" does not have any connection with money at all.

Jan's home is modern, though about to be sequentially demolished and totally rebuilt. I've seen the plans and they allay my original fears that things never get better. All resident rooms will have en suite facilities, there are good size public areas, gardens, etc.

The current home has an excellent chef, and visitors can pay a token amount to have the meals of the day, or such exquisite niceties as egg and bacon sandwiches, made to order. Care staff automatically make a cup of tea for visitors - who can then make more for themselves if they wish.

The place is clean, the care staff and management are wonderful.

If pushed, I'd ask for a higher staff/resident ratio, but what is there already is certainly adequate.


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Laura, all I can say is that if I had to be in a care home, I would willingly choose the home Lionel is in.

I cannot praise the staff highly enough. Some of the younger, junior staff are so kind and compassionate, they are a joy to behold. For his sake I hope it continues to remain of this high quality.


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Mar 31, 2004
Hi Laura

My mum is in an excellent home too. All the rooms have their own facilities, and are very spacious. The food is very good, and visitors are always offered a meal if they are visiting at meal times. It is wonderfully clean, with no bad smells, and most importantly of all, the staff are wonderful. In my experience, all the residents are cherished, and receive loving care. We hear so much about the bad homes but not enough, I think, about the good ones. It was a difficult time when she had to go into care, but I have always found the staff very supportive of the families, as well as the residents. I have made it known to my family that if I develop AZ that they should have no qualms about putting me into a care home - all that I ask is that they find me somewhere as good as mum's home.

Take care