Please can I just scream??????

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Hubbie not so good, son with suspected glandular fever ..... all my flexi leave/carers/annual leave exhausted at work - Memory Team appointment for mum today - I 'wangle' time off work for a couple of hours ...... (on account of doing a 'dawn shift') ....... leaving the former not so sick to delve into HIS leave to be in charge of the very sick ......... while I flit between trying to hold my job down (so bank manager does not get sick!!! - not to mention keep begging favours of very understanding collegaues who cover for me and quite frankly must be totally sick of me........) to attend appointment with mum which fits with the professionals' own working hours .....

Only the Memory Team FORGOT :eek:to put the rearranged appointment in the diary for today!!!!!!! It would be funny ...... but it's not ......:(

And none of the 'professionals' had mobile contacts available to the staff at office base (what about their own safety?????!!!!!!! I was told when I rang in that the CPNs were out on visits but their 'home base' did not know where and could not contact them.......) ....

I received a very, very apologetic phone call from a CPN some hours later ..... asking if I would like to re-arrange? ........'Yes, thank you, when I've got over my nervous breakdown' .........


Sorry, just had to scream :eek:.......... thanks for listening,

Karen, x


Better Than A Slap In The Face With A Wet Kipper!

Well, at least you received a very apologetic phone call from a CPN some hours later. That is a step forward for PERSON-KIND!

An apology? Wow!



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Mar 7, 2004
Scream away Karen, I can sense your frustration from here.

After all your herculean efforts to get mum to the appointment, then to be given the run-a-round, I can only try to imagine how you feel.

Another lost opportunity.

Do hope you ill be able to be calm enough to 'enjoy' the Easter break. Hope too, the family will feel a tad better soon.

Take care,


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Karen

Scream -- as long and as loud as you can. I want to hear you!

No, it's not funny. You've got too much on your plate, and you should be able to rely on people.

How is your son?



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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Hi Karen
Everything that can go wrong - does! Do have a good really loud scream. Dont have a nervous breakdown! Hopefully things will seem better tomorrow.
take care

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Thanks folks, it's the proverbial straw isn't it? In the great scheme of things being let down over an appointment is not huge ..... but when there are only so many hours in a day ..... and you want - or need - to be in at least three places at once for most of them .....:(

Love, Karen, x


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
This happened to us at my Dad's first appointment at the Memory Clinic. We arrived only to be told that the appointment had been cancelled but, oops, they forgot to tell us. I insisted on waiting 2 and a half hours (my Mum had taken my even more confused Dad home) until I received an apology on behalf of my Dad.

Now whenever we go to the Memory Clinic my Dad can't remember his date of birth, what day of the week it is... but he always remarks on that first visit when they didn't have his name down... :confused:

Now virtually every appointment we have is cancelled/re-arranged. We received a letter the other day telling us that due to unforseen circumstances our appointment for July has had to be cancelled and the new appointment is in... wait for it.... October!!

We would kick up a fuss if we thought the appointments were of any use, but they just seem to upset my Dad more.

Scream away Karen. Like you say it would be funny if it weren't so damn annoying.


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Feb 17, 2006
Dont have a nervous breakdown! Hopefully things will seem better tomorrow.
Scream away . because they can come a point in One life that all the stress / strain of caring Can " break the camels back " that pushes One over the edge ( yes a nervous breakdown )

As I was kindly told the other day from a key worker of my brother , when I arrived at his housing support , his just not getting the services he is ment to be getting .

She gave me some advice , not to tell anyone that she told me ( my issue has been going on to long )
but I share it with you all .

She told me that when your not receiving the services that you feel the person you care for need , even after complaining it does not resolve the issue, go to Family ( free ) legal advice , they can write a letter .

All I could think of was no please no more ringing up to make an appointment , my life is just one endless appointments

what a system with live in :rolleyes:

wishing you a good weekend over this weekend bank holiday
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