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Planning a funeral


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Jun 27, 2006
I'm putting this here, because, it's relevant to my intial thoughts on this subject. With futher deterioration it looks as if this is going to happen even sooner than I thought. Sadly that almost certainly means this will be a funeral with one person at it - me. I haven't really decided what to do, but I'm not entirely unsure that this is a bad thing - allows me to grieve in private.


plastic scouser

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Sep 22, 2006
Hale Village, Liverpool
Jennifer, so sorry to hear the news - but you know, in one way perhaps this private funeral would be for the better.

When Dad died at the end of January we decided to hold the burial service at the cemetery chapel and have Dad buried with the minimum of fuss. We then went to Mum & Dad's church (he was a committed Christian) and held a service to celebrate Dad and his life - and that's what it became, a lovely celebration where people smiled and laughed at their and our memories of Dad.

I did a short piece on Dad - focussing on some of the areas that people didn't know about his life - and some personal memories - yes it was a struggle to get through but the smiles on peoples faces made it worthwhile. We had refreshments at the church afterwards and again, it only emphasised to me how much this was a celebration. People were there to remember the good things about Dad and not to focus on the fact that he was, to put it bluntly, gone.

It will be hard - nobody can say how it will affect you as fortunately each of us is uniquely different, but if you want to honour your Mum's memory then why not celebrate her life with friends and family and make it something that your Mum would have enjoyed!