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Pivotel box

Bee P

Registered User
Feb 22, 2015
Help! Mum, who has vascular dementia and Alzheimers has just last week been given a pivotel box. It sounds an alarm at 8,30am, 12,30pm, 5pm and 9pm for her to take her tablets. She was at the day centre all day today after which I whisked her off to an Italian restaurant for dinner then a sunset special at Bristol Zoo. We got home at 9.30pm but in the car the pivotel sounded the alarm for her 9pm tablets. When we got home I realised that the box had only released the 5pm dosage which in all the activity I completely forgot to give her. Mum has been reliant on sleeping tablets for 48 years, but the pivotel box has not released them in her 9pm dose yet - no idea when it will release them later. Does anyone know how these boxes work? I am afraid it will go off at 1am and wake her, if she isn't already awake as could just be a short sleep due to no tablets. Do I put the pivotel in the car until the morning so it doesn't wake her?