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Pinch of salt?


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Jan 28, 2012
I'm taking mum to an assessment this afternoon to a care home for a weeks respite in October.

She's been in respite before, but not this particular home,however looking on the CQC web- site, they have flagged up concerns in 3 of the categories. However, testimonials are glowing

Who do I believe? I know it's only a week, but that's a long time if they're not very nice


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Oct 16, 2011
A lot depends on the issues that CQC have with the home, I think.... if, for instance, their findings are about files not being kept up to date, or paperwork etc, then it won't impact on you. If they are about lack of care etc, then that is worth looking into further. You could even raise it with the manager and ask them what has been done to address the issues raised by CQC. If they say they have done something proactive, great. If they get defensive, then maybe be a bit more suspicious.....

If the reviews are from family members, then they are worth taking note of because most families would not lie about something as important as care for their loved one.... as far as I know, you can only review a CH on the CQC website if you have/are a resident living there, so I don't think just anyone can go and add a review without having a connection to the place.

I completed one for the CH my dad is in and wouldnt dream of lying because if it were bad, I would be the first to remove my dad!!

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck and i hope it works so you get some respite!


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