picks disease


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Sep 23, 2003
Is picks disease a real problem? I have learnt today that an acquaintance has been informed by the GP that its nothing to worry about, and its part of normal brain tissue ie we all have it. Can anyone shed any light?
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Sep 23, 2003
re picks disease

Thanks nada, its the reply i expected, i think theres more to it, but thanks anyway. Could you tell me though could it be picked up by MRI scan?
Is it like alzheimers?
and are people automatically referred to a psychiatrist on diagnosis?
thanks hoipe you can help
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Sep 25, 2003

Picks Disease is most certainly not 'nothing to worry about'. It is in the process of destroying my father who was diagnosed with Picks and Alzheimers a year ago.

Although it is a dementia it presents differently to Alzheimers and appears to be a lot more behavioural based. Put it this way, my mum, who also posts on here, and I were concerned about dad's behaviour years ago and on a search through the internet read about Picks and my dad was a classic case.

Get as much info as you can because it is different from Alzheimers but I am happy to answer any queries I can.

Nada's link to the Picks Support Group is great - it make scary reading but is the only internet source of info on Picks as it is rare.


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Nov 30, 2003
As you can see from my daughter's reply(JoJo) Pick's is not something to be ignored!!!! It's a less well known form of dementia and it's worth looking on the internet at the official Pick's disease site. There are 2 main types, behaviour or speech and David seems to have the behaviour type. He is becoming very childish and has no ability to assess a social situation. It also bliunts all the emotions and in his case he has threatened aggression. They also develop very obssessional habits-in David's case painting which makes him happy. Coupled with the memory loss from AD life can be a trifle difficult. There are no drugs to treat it and eventually it progresses in a similar way to AD. To find out more visit the website or send me a private message if you have any specific queries.