PICKs Diease and prostate problems

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Hello, I am caring for mum, who is the main carer to my father, who is 80 years and has had PICKs for past 9 years. He is mobile around the house. He has the urge to go to the toilet almost every hour during the day and gets up in the night 4-5 times.

    Neither me or the doctor/nurse can get near him to take bloods, let alone a prostate check. The doctor gave a table to relax the bladder which was supposed to reduce the time he gets up in the night, but this hasn’t worked.

    My mum is at her wits end, being woken up each night so many times. Although he is in the bedroom nxt door, he always comes into her room and tries to get into her bed (which for many years was his bedroom).

    He has continence pads, which sometimes remain dry and other times are so full of urine, it soaks through to the bed sheet.

    We have tried the types of drinks, the time of drinks and all the advice from continence teams.

    Any advice welcome.


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