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Physio has refused to do report


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May 8, 2014
I have asked my dad's physio in the hospital to put her view that my dad will not benefit from physio in writing. Before I make the decision to put him in a nursing home (where he won't get physio) She was reluctant and non committal yesterday but today has said she can't because of patient confidentiality.

I feel like everything is a battle.

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Oct 26, 2011
Since when did patient confidentiality stop anyone from writing a report about patient X to put into patient X's OWN medical file!!!! :eek::confused::eek::confused: If that was the case then no doctor would ever write anything in any medical file.

She has totally lost the plot.

The fact that you as POA or next of kin have access to that medical file is an entirely DIFFERENT issue.


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May 21, 2014
On the other hand, if she won't commit to putting it in writing, wouldn't that mean you could turn it around and say the physio is not convinced enough to say he won't benefit so you strongly advocate trying physio before dismissing it?


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May 8, 2014
Yes that's what I want them to do. I really want him to stay in hospital and get physio.

He is not suitable for a place in the rehab centre due to dementia. Which I understand but they would not have the staff to cope. But even if my dad does eventually have to go into EMI nursing home (which I think he will) if at least he could walk to the toilet himself and get in bed himself it would vastly improve his quality of life.

I am beginning to wonder if the whole system is just designed to wear you down so you agree to him going to into a home as quickly as possible so that he is off their (NHS and social worker) case load and not costing anyone as his house can be sold to pay for it.

How depressing is all this.


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Jul 30, 2014
I'd turn it around as suggested. Everything is a battle. I think they think they'll wear us down so we just agree to whatever they say.
You posted again just before I did! Stay strong!