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Photograph albums of memories


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Oct 22, 2012
Both my Mum-in-law and my brother have Alzheimer's of varying stages.

I recently came across a number of photo's of my brother, sister and myself as children and decided to put them in a small album for him, along with pictures of other family members and holidays from our youth. My Sister-in-law says he frequently flicks through them and derives much pleasure - even if he can't always tell who is who.

I was thinking of doing something similar for my Mum-in-law who is not so far down the track - can't retain new things but seems to have good recall of her childhood.

She was born in India but sent to England to boarding school and remained here during WW2, so we have pictures of her in India and also in her schooldays here, followed by her college days and meeting/marrying my Father-in-law.

She sometimes has problems remembering the passage of time and confuses the sequence of events, mixing things from the past into the present. Would it be better to put the pictures in chronological order to help her or would it not matter?

Has anyone else done this?


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Nov 28, 2005
I think its great that you have done this for your brother and your SIL must be so thrilled to have your support.

I did similar things for my husband and must admit he was totally unaware about the sequence although I personally wanted everything in correct order. I suggest you choose the way that suits you at this moment - depending on time etc.

I guess others will be along soon with similar experience.