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Sep 19, 2007
I went in trepidation to the hospital this lunchtime half expecting to find they had moved him onto a medical ward so that he could have a drip due to dehydration. Not a bit of it! No longer angry just very 'eyes closed to the world' state but he'd had three weetabix for breakfast with loads of sugar and milk, a bottle of fortisips and, at breaktime this morning, a full glass of milk and none of it thrown. I've been to hell and back during the night worrying and I needn't have. Oh well, there will be a million more times like that I expect. With the heightened state of anxiety which all carers must be in a lot of the time, which goes up but never truly comes back down again, it's a wonder we haven't all got stomach ulcers. Or have we????!!!!!

And I now I have stuck my post icon in the wrong place. Huh! It was supposed to be an eek at the end. Oh well.

Love from Sammyb

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
It`s a bit like when Parents argue because their children have fallen out. Whilst the parents are still arguing, the children have made friends.

Make the most of the good times. :)


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Apr 29, 2007
Good times & "not so good times"

Hi Sammy

I know how you feel! My Dad is currently in respite care for a couple of weeks. On Tuesday he didn't eat at all for 24 hours and only had about 1/2 a cup of tea during that period. He spent the whole day in a "coma like sleep" and it was heartbreaking trying to get a cup to his lips & watch it dribble out the side of his mouth (no reflex of sucking / swallowing at all.)

Yesterday he perked up a bit & today ate a cooked breakfast (unusual for him, but they offered it and he accepted!) most of his lunch & all of his pudding - plus loads of fluids!

I know what you mean though - we get so worried & never really relax even after a "good day" - because we all fear what tomorrow might bring.

As with all of us - all we can do is appreciate the good times & think ourselves lucky that we still have some.

Wishing you & your family all the best.


Gill x


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Nov 28, 2005
we get so worried & never really relax even after a "good day" - because we all fear what tomorrow might bring.
How I relate to that comment - my husband is wonderful despite his major health problems but the quote identifies much of how I feel.

Best wishes all Jan