Personal care - two Alzheimer's Society podcasts, August 2014


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Oct 2, 2007
August's Alzheimer's Society podcast is in two parts, and is on the topic of personal care.

Part One: Washing

As a person's dementia progresses, they will need more help with everyday activities such as washing and bathing. For most adults, washing is a personal and private activity and so it can be hard to adjust to this change. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss helping a person with dementia with personal care.

Click >>here<< to listen.

Part Two: Incontinence

Difficulties with using the toilet, accidents and incontinence can all be problems for people with dementia, particularly as the condition progresses. These problems can be upsetting for the person and for those around them. In this episode of the podcast we talk about dealing with toileting problems and incontinence, as well as the changing dynamics for carers when the needs of a person with dementia increase.

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These podcasts feature Alzheimer's Society Helpline Supervisor Sian. Sian will be our guest in the Talking Point chat room on Thursday 28th August, and will be answering members' questions on this topic.

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