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Personal belongings

Rachael D

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Apr 25, 2005
I was reading on TP not so long ago someone's post about the difficulties of moving people's personal belongings.

It's an issue I'd like to pick up on in Share, and I wondered if any carers who have any experience of this can get in touch, especially the person who wrote it if they are happy to.

I've had a search but can't seem to find the post.

Many thanks,


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
if all else fails I can say a whole lot - moving things when the person goes into a home, disposing of their things while they are still in the home, etc..... if that is what you meant.

While in the final stages of moving house recently, I finally managed to throw away the toilet paper and other stuff that Jan had put away for safety in sundry places.

I also found that to be able to part with things:

1. the person getting them had to really value them, not necessarily in a financial sense - I was delighted to be able to donate Jan's remaining Biba blouse to the lady buying our house as she is crazy about Biba, as was Jan. The blouse has been framed, I understand. http://www.thebibaexperience.com/

2. I had to force myself to believe that they could be of no possible use for Jan ever again.

.... and I still couldn't get rid of her wedding dress or her Ossie Clarke dresses from the 1970s, or the two maxi dresses she made around then. http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/1250_ossieclark/