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personal allowance info


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Nov 14, 2013
Hi-Does anyone know of any websites or info where i can print info regarding residents personal allowances.
As an administrator i pay the hairdressers,chiropodists,manicurists etc & the relatives often stop these as they say they can't afford to pay them.This is such a shame as the residents really enjoy hand massages etc
I know they are entitled to £23ish a week but i can't find info on this that's written in plain English and not full of jargon & hard to understand so that i could pin it in on the notice board
Thank you:confused::confused:


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Page 34 of CRAG is what you want. Attached as image in a word document, TP could not handle it as a PDF


Also less formal from Age UK

8 Personal Expenses Allowance
The local authority has to allow the resident to retain a Personal Expenses
Allowance (PEA) of £23.90 per week. You should not be asked to put your
PEA towards the basic cost of your care.
Local authorities have a discretionary power to vary the Personal Expenses
Allowance (PEA) above the national set level in a range of circumstances.
The Government document Charging for residential accommodation guide
provides an illustrative list of examples to assist local authorities in the use of
this discretionary power.
For more information about how the PEA could affect you if you are part of a
couple see Age UK’s Factsheet 39, Paying for care in a care home if you
have a partner



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