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Persistent Infections


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Sep 13, 2014

I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced this.....

My dad, with Alzheimers, gets one infection after another after another. They are all chest infections and has in fact had 3 bouts of pneumonia this year so far. His GP issues us with a rescue pack of antibiotics and steroids which I am ordering every week. He has been referred to a chest specialist and discharged as they say it is just Asthma and there is nothing they can really do.

This morning he had a pre-op for an upcoming procedure which they are now saying they can't go ahead with as he isn't fit enough due to another infection !!!

We also seem to be having a problem with him eating as everything we give him either tastes too strong, doesn't taste of anything, can't chew it or doesn't like it. Consequently he is starting to lose weight.

He has also started to become incontinent at night.

Sometimes it's really hard to spot what is an infection and what is just a normal part of Alzheimer's progressing.

Has anybody had any similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.


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Oct 18, 2013
British Isles
Sorry can't help much but wondering if the specialist says it's "just asthma" does that mean they have checked that his asthma inhalers/treatment are still effective? Is your Dad still able to use his inhalers properly? If not, there are face masks etc which might help.

I think not chewing is quite common as the disease advances, so giving him soft foods and soups might help a bit. There are quite a few threads about how to tempt people to eat as their tastes change. Is he living with you?

All these infections must be making your poor Dad a bit run down, so difficult to watch. Take care.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello. I am wondering if it would be best if your Dad was assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist SALT. It may sound strange , but these are the experts on swallowing problems.
If Dad is having trouble swallowing his food or drinks he may be inhailing some which could be causing the Pneumonia
The SALT will be able to determine this and advise on consistency of food , drink and positioning of Dad .
The GP can arrange a referral .

Many people with dementia develope a very sweet tooth, even if for most of their life they have not taken sugar in tea and alway preferred savoury meals so it may be worth trying sweet stuff . As your dad is losing weight I'm thinking not to worry arm about giving healthy meals, give Dad anything he does like to eat , IMO when their is weight loss due to not eating enough, then it is important to get calories in even if it is only through cake n biscuits
Their are also meal replacements that can be prescribed
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Jan 25, 2015
I agree with Lin1. Can I suggest that you think back to what he enjoyed eating and try to figure out what it is about that food that he liked. I.e. Is there a similarity in the texture of the food? Also, is he able to use a urinal if one was available at his bedside. Love Rose x