Pensions and Allowances


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May 14, 2006
My Mum died suddenly on Wednesday and already we've been able to register her death, arrange the funeral for next Thursday and fill in forms to stop her various pensions and allowances. The forms are simple and straightforward and registering her death was so easy, with a state of the art computer system. Everyone has been so helpful.
However when Mum urgently needed to go into a Nursing Home and we had to sort out allowances and the Nursing Care allowance, everything was so complicated and paperwork kept getting lost or we made mistakes filling in the forms because it was all so confusing.
If it is possible for the authorities to make the process simple and straightforward to cancel money, why can't it be made as easy to claim money which people are entitled to and which they may be in desparate financial need of?
Being rather cynical, I think they deliberately make life hard for people so that they will be put off making a claim. In an ideal world, we'd have a tax credit system so that people received help automatically without having to spend hours answering the same questions. I'm sure it could be done and money might be saved on having less red tape.


Yes Kayla; funny how the system works; the other way around.

I was over paid a pension, about two months ago; got a very quick begging letter to pay it back; even though I need not pay it back; but I saved them blushing and months of begging; with a cheque for the full amount.

I have not heard from them since, not even a thank you..:) :) :) Micky.