peeping tom!!


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Jun 18, 2005
manila, philippines
:p hi everyone!!!

Its been a while since my last post. Grams is fine.... although sometimes her condition is giving me problems still everything is under control. I need to accept things as it comes and just be possitive about everything..


I have this problem everytime i give her a bath. she always feel that people are watching her. although, it is only me and her inside the bathroom. according to her, there are peeping toms in the window. she gets mad and curse those people she see's. one time, she yelled and neighbors thought something was going on. grams was sooo mad she wanted to throw water on the invisible people she see's. though i am used to her hallucinations, i am wondering why hallucinations starts when i am giving her a bath and ends when she fall's asleep at night.

I give her bath's everyday... though hallucinations doe'snt happen everyday, everytime she steps in the bathroom she has this feeling that she's being watch. i try to calm her down assuring her that everything is fine, that nothing's going to happen whenever she's with me.... blah.. blah.. blah!! but this magic words doe'snt work everytime. there was this time that i tried to cover the window or sometimes cover her eyes BUT still it does not work.. do you think she's just using this as an alibi for her not to take a bath???!! Nahhhh! i don't think so. because those peeping toms according to her follows her in the bedroom window..

Well, i am running out of idea... every bathing time, i assume that she'll see those peeping toms once again and just go away when she falls asleep. I just can't see the connection between giving her a bath and her hallucinations. she is fine and normal before she takes a bath then hallucinates afterwards. it seems that her taking a bath trigers hallucinations..

huh! this is giving me a headache!!

Can you give me suggestions as to how i can avoid those peeping toms to be visible to grams...

Thanks very much!!!



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Jan 31, 2004
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When she sees these people, I would try going to the window and shouting at them, telling them to go away. You could even have a short conversation and tell her it is the man who cleans the windows, but that he will come back later.

You can tell the most outrageous stories - as long as it works.

You could try telling her before she goes for her bath that you are going to check the windows, and then tell her everything is clear.

There is nothing you can do to dispel her feelings about this. You probably have to go along with what she sees, and enter a rather surreal world for a while.

We have all done this!

Good luck.


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Sep 5, 2005
peeping Tom


I agree with Bruce. My dad used to see people outside the bungalow and he used to get quite distressed, my Mum found this hard to cope with and used to tell him there was no one there. I used to go to the door and tell 'the people' to leave my dad alone and move down the road, he would them look out of the window and be quite happy that had gone. I'm not saying it will work for you but it always worked with Dad.