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Paying for Temporary Care.

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Mom has been in Temporary Care since September last year.

The LA have only just got round to paying the NH.:rolleyes: I gave up trying to kick them into action in November but have been paying the top up each month.

Mom, in receipt of no benefits, has had a financial Assessment as a permanent resident and her contribution (under £23,500) has been calculated. However as a Temp certain expenditure of her home should also be disregarded.

I have read CRAG but has anyone any experience of what amounts can be disregarded and what type of percentage should be used as I still live there. There is no mention of percentages in CRAG.:confused:

Also the LA want Mom to pay the home directly. I would rather the LA pay for it and reclaim the money back from her as stated in CRAG...1.030 Normally, residents will pay their assessed charge direct to the local authority. but they are saying "NON". :(



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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Just ask them to invoice your Mom for the assessed charge showing how the amount was calculated.

The contract is with the LA, if your Mom is making a contribution and the care home increase the fees the LA may try to put the whole of the increase onto her.