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Paying for Care- does it continue until all savings gone?


New member
Feb 8, 2022
Hi there
This may sound a fairly simple question, but I’m struggling to find a simple answer! My query is;
My mother has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia. She had quite a tough time during her long marriage to my father, as he was not great with money, to say the least. Some years ago she opened a savings account that he wasn’t aware of ‘in case she ever needed it’. Dad died a couple of years ago, her mental health declined with her grief, memory problems intensified and she got her diagnosis at the beginning of the year. I do most of her shopping now and was amazed to find that she has managed to save way more than the maximum amount of savings allowed to be eligible for help with care. I am just having to arrange for some home care for her, and naturally she will have to pay for her care. She was heartbroken when I said that she would have to pay for this from her savings as she ‘wanted to leave us something, as our dad left us nothing’. Does she keep paying herself until all her savings have gone, or do the limits required for social care kick in, allowing her to receive help once these limits are met? She says she just wasted her time trying to look out for us! Thanks


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Jan 13, 2019
Over £14,250 savings she will have to pay a percentage towards care costs but can claim Attendance Allowance. If her savings are greater than the upper limit ?£24,000 then she will be self funding until that limit is reached. Before you get to that sum contact her Local Authority for a care assessment, they should then pay towards Mum’s care costs with her paying a reduced amount as her total holdings lessen.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Titch68
it's tough finding out that savings may be needed to fund care, especially after your mum worked so hard to save

the thresholds mentioned apply to residential care, the Local Authority work out a contribution to fees for care at home taking into account income and savings ... do have an assessment of your mum's care needs by her Local Authority Adult Services, they will do a financial assessment after it (don't assume she will be self-funding unless she has a high income and a large amount of savings) ... but no, all your mum's savings will not be used for paying for care



New member
Feb 8, 2022
Thank you so much everybody who replied ❤️ That is great to find out! I can at least tell her that even if she will be paying for her care fully to start off with, once she has used up that higher amount, she will have some funding kicking in, that will increase as her savings go down. Ultimately she will still be able to leave some money to her children, which is now all she wants to do with it! She will be so pleased, thanks again ☺️☺️

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