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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Recently the sundowning has become less frequent,not every night.
The visiting the toilet has become more often,many,many times in a day. A new innovation is the "I am going to the toilet ,don't worry if I am a long time"
After a long period of time I find that she has gone to bed, usually still wearing day clothes,
I am not there to help with the undressing.
This is often as early as 8.0 O'clock.
I wonder if the toilet is a form of wandering?
The going to bed I do not understand.
Norman :confused:


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Norm, perhaps Peg is going to bed because she feels settled there? Kind of safe if you know what I mean? If as you say, the toilet thingy is a kind of wandering, (which we know can be a form of looking for things that they recall from the past etc) P'raps bed is somewhere that she can safely let go her worries of where to find these things. Don't know, just surmising, 'cause Mum did similar a few times. I just used to leave her if it was near bed time. If it was morning, I would leave her a half hour or so, then gently wake her with a cuppa and say hello sleepy head, feel like coming downstairs with us for a while now then. I tried not to let her sleep too long during the day because she would be up all night if I did. Obviously if she was poorly or had not slept the night before, I acted differently. Hope you are OK? Lotsaluv, She. XX

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
My mother has gone through several phases of always going to the toilet, to the point that several urine tests were done. For my mother, going to the toilet seems to be a way for her to remove herself from a situation or place she feels uncomfortable about. It's almost like a security blanket. And when she was in that phase, I couldn't even try to tell her she had just gone 10 minutes ago. It was a constant "But I have to go". Put a bit of a kibosh on walks. But I made sure she went before the walk & then happily coped by saying we were on our way back, even if we weren't.

She also has gone through sleeping phases - going to bed around 7:00 pm & not getting up until 11:00 am. And my aunt not wanting to wake her because "Doris is tired". That nearly drove me off the deep end. I kept saying it was the disease but Nooooooo - Doris was tired. 15 hours sleep & she's tired???? I agree with Sheila, the bed is probably just a nice secure safe place.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Norman

could it also be that Peg mistrusts her body now and fears not being able to get to the toilet in time? In saying she may be a while, perhaps she just wants a while alone.

It may also be that she is getting more tired these days. Or that, in a situation where perhaps reading is not an option, TV means nothing, she thinks... "I may as well go to bed and have a lie down since I'm not doing anything at prsent"

Everything gets turned on its head, doesn't it?

An important thing is that she is thinking of you, not wanting you to be worried about her.

You know I'm an anorak in these things - I'd be making notes of these behavioural things, to see if there is a pattern of some sort.


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Mar 21, 2003
Hi Norman,

Dad has a couple of spots in the house where he frequently visits and 'stores' things. We now just let it go and think that it may be related to security and comfort. Have Peg's sleeping habits changed at all - does she sleep OK at night?



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Mar 7, 2004
Hello Norman, glad you posted on this subject. Lionel has been going through this phase for the past month.

No matter how settled I feel he is in the evening, the constant visits to the loo, and then, he does not return..........yes he has put himself to bed.

Last night he even left a full glass of wine on the coffee table, I was sitting next to him, visit to the loo, return.

Tonight he is very unsettled. We have been to an old friends 60th birthday today.
Lionel was surrounded by his old school friends, true friends, always there for him, despite us moving some 50 miles away.

He tried to explain to me that they were all at the hub of a wheel, but he did not know what had happened to the spokes........this was because a friend had said "do you remember my youngest son Philip" As all the children grew up together Lionel is panicking because he has no recollection of these children.

I feel he will retain his friends in his mind, (they are almost like fingerprints to him) but the periferals are now fading fast.

Hey ho, back to the Connie
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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Connie
how is the sundowning these days?
I seem to be getting a new run of it.
TV is out can't understand it,walking is worse and things do not seem to register at all.
Warm wishes


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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Norm.. Because of mobility problems Lionel does not do much sundowning these days.

T.V.......forget it. He will sit next to me, but I know nothing registers. Anything that does, he does not fully understand. He keeps commenting that life has changed!!!!!! Does he mean his life or life in general.

Day by day Norm, you never said it better, love Connie