Patience maketh the woman!


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Aug 24, 2006
Lila13 said:
My mother last year gave me the remaining bits of cash left in the house (I wrote it all down in the log book for my brother) saying "you can't expect me to understand economics". Then went round to the local shop where she couldn't buy anything because "my children have taken all my money". Of course that went all round the neighbourhood, and there are probably still some people around there who think she had wicked children who stole her money and starved her.

Haha, it's a ****** isn't it, the thing is people probably believed her! I know they did in my case. It's funny when you look back on it though, the irony, you're spending so much time trying to make them happy, healthy and safe and then they go and tell everyone that your fleecing them and trying to take their house etc...oh happy days!


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Feb 24, 2006
Yes, they seem happy days now, (while there's life there's hope), and she was getting better.

Luckily for us there were some neighbours around who knew her and us and had had previous experience of dementia.

There is always the risk in those circumstances that the patient will be taken away from those who care for her most, as I know has happened to some in here.

(I thought, if I were the shopkeeper, what would I do? Phone Social Services? They would have been able to say that they'd seen her recently and there were carers going round every day who would report back if anything had changed. Phone the doctor? There were nurses coming round twice a week.)

You read about such cases in the news, blaming the children, but it's quite possible that when people do starve to death in their own homes they've actually chosen to do so and rejected all offers of help.


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