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Parkinson in 'dignity' campaign.


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Jun 3, 2005
It certainly was, Taffy

and thanks for posting the link.

I also found that after Parky has done his spot, there is a link which appears to another interesting clip about 'Social Care', called something like Paul's Story.
Sorry folks, :eek: I don't know how to bring the link to TP myself, we'll have to go the long way round unless one of our resident :rolleyes: Techno-wizzes does it!

Woo-Hoooo! I've done it (I think)
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Apr 15, 2007
Hi Lynne,

Paul's Story was sad in itself but what a realistic gentleman. I doubt that he will be holding his breath waiting for any reforms.

:( Insight, into what lays ahead for us. Regards Taffy.

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Thanks Taffy and Lynne

Confess I saw the news about my beloved 'Parky' and didn't post the link publicly ..... let's hope he can really champion the cause .... (apprecaite this is not solely dementia care).

I loved Paul's astuteness too .... if he could work out he paid £13 per hour for a carer how come Carer's Allowance is less than £50 per week for a minimum of 35 hours care? Might have to take my socks off and work that one out on my toes!!!!! :rolleyes:

Or maybe I should aim to be the next Chancellor of the Exchequor ... coz someone somewhere has got their sums wrong!!!!:mad:

Dignity is paramount - but that should be for carers too and recognise their worth ....

Love, Karen, x

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