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Parent Feeling Down


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Mar 22, 2021
Hi. My mother is in the early stages of Alzhiemer’s. Recently she has been getting down because she is realising how forgetful she is. She has told me she is scared of going out by herself.

Perhaps part of this is because her regular carer has left but she is going to keep in touch and see her (lovely lady).

Is this all part of Alzhiemer’s? My mother’s moods have fluctuated but she seems very sad now about not being independant whereas before she didn’t think anything was wrong.

She goes for walks once a week with a support worker and has carers once a day who can take her out and administer medication.


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Mar 15, 2020
her confidence seems to be lost a bit and maybe shes feeling vulnerable. was she with the carer that has left for a long time. if her mood doesnt come up, iot maybe worth talking to the gp just to see if they might give her something to lift her mood which may build her confidence again.


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Jun 12, 2020
I am having similar problems with my father, he has low mood and may be depressed. He recently had a viral illness and spent a few days in hospital, followed by continued illness at home that resulted in toilet accidents. Fortunately now better but I think it shook him and made him feel depressed as it might for anyone. In all honesty he has reasons to be unhappy, wife is deceased, almost all friends likewise, lives alone with little opportunity to do anything interesting or enjoyable. He too has lost his independence and that's a hard thing to accept.

Pork Pie lady

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Mar 16, 2013
Feeling low or depressed is quite common. As jennifer 1967 said I would talk to the GP, but probably very soon the longer depression is left the harder it is to treat/recover.