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Jan 9, 2016
Help I am panicking my mother is 90 and has dementia for about 5 years. She was managing at home with 3 carers a day and day centre twice a week and me popping in several times a week. Tonights carer phoned to say one of her neighbours had to climb though an open window at mums as she decided to go out alone ( first time in 3 years) , the neighbour asked if she had a key to get back in and she said no only my watch. His wife looked after mum till he could break in and unlock the front door. My question is do I try live in carers, care home or put cameras on the doors with sensors . I know we cant double lock the front door as she needs an escape route in case of an emergancy. Has anyone got any ideas please.


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Feb 27, 2018
Does your mother self-fund her own care, or is it local authority funded? If the latter, they will make the decision (and they will try to keep her at home). If the former, you can make the choice.

I went through a similar stage when my mother kept leaving the flat with no keys, no coat, wandering around in the rain and being rescued by neighbours. I tried the door sensor but it didn't work brilliantly and it was really just a stopgap while I found a better solution. If you do use a door sensor, you also need to install a key safe. In fact you should probably arrange a key safe asap anyway, and give the neighbour the code.

But the long term solution was a care home. My mother already had carers in for 6 hours a day, but she needed supervision 24/7 and it was far too expensive to pay for live-in care at home, her money would have run out very quickly. So I moved her to a care home and she loves it, she has constant company and there is always someone there to help her.


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Dec 20, 2009
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Hello Sally,

If your mother is receiving 3 carers a day and going to the day care centre I assume this has been arranged through your mum's local council adult social services. If this is the case then the best course of action is to approach them with your concerns, to discuss and agree next steps.

It looks like your mother may need her care needs re-assessed.
Hope this helps,