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Palliative care and Home Office review of manslaughter


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May 17, 2005
Hi. I'd like to reach all those who have lost someone with dementia and feel that he or she died a needlessly distressing death.
Apparently the Home Office are to review the charge of manslaughter when applied to medical staff. Perhaps, like me, you found that nursing staff at an EMI nursing home were very nervous about possible litigation when it came to using opiates in the last days, and held back. This is understandable, but grim news for all of us who are powerless to help a loved one.
A programme is scheduled to go out on Monday 18th July, Channel 4, 8pm "Dispatches: On Pain of Death", which is trailed as a documentary with shocking accounts of lack of palliative care. The BBC runs message boards following programmes such as this, and feedback often gets noticed by government. Hopefully, if any of us who have first hand experience of lack of palliative care for dementia sufferers put our views there, we might help move things in the right direction, even swaying the Home Office review. There is power in numbers and the media together!