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Sep 1, 2005
west midlands
We have a specific type of care requirement and are thinking of advertising in the local newspaper. I wanted to find out if anyone has been here before, in particular if anyone has created a Job Description and Person Specification for a manager for care at home.

To briefly explain the background, my widowed mothers dementia is not too advanced at present. She lives in her own flat, and does not wander. However he has a tendency to get confused and anxious if let on her own for long periods. She doesn't eat or drink much when she is left on her own.

My mother is fortunate to have an adequate pension and this currently pays for a series of carers to make 3 visits a day weekdays, less on weekends when one of the children can usually substitute. My mother enjoys these visits and my sister who lives nearby says that my mother is less anxious since they have recently been increased in frequency to include a lunchtime (previously it was just morning and teatime).

The problem with this arrangement is that it is quite complex, with a mixture of agency staff (2), directly employed carers found through a card in the newsagents window (2) and someone who used to be my mothers cleaner. The agency does not gurantee cover for holidays/illness so we involved a bigger agency. However the carer they provided was unsatisfactory so we have instead recruited suitable
staff direct.

To get to the point, this complex arrangement whilst satisfactory for my mother is causing the children a lot of stress delaing with the uncertainty of cover, and liaising and co-ordinating the various carers. So we want to hire a person to take all this strain away from the chidren (or as much as possible).

The alternative is residential care. A new home is being built nearby which is very acceptable but also very expensive, so a salary of £10k pa for a home care manager would not be unaffordable if it meant my mother could stay in her own home despite further deterioration and the children were relieved of the stress (which is spread very unequally between the siblings) and ther time freed up.

In essence the manger would have to:

*supervise existing paidcarers
*hire and fire new paid carers as needs changed
*keep accounts
*organise cover for sickness and holidays
*organise communication systems eg for shopping
*be on call to support carers

but not necessarily deliver any care themselves

Does anyone have experience of this type of arramgement? Anyone able to suggest a JD/PS of something close which I could modify? Any suggestions for how such a position should be marketed?


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Penderels Trust assist people who recieve direct payments from the Social Services.I am aware that you do not recieve direct payments but Penderels assist with advertising,interviewing,contracts etc.
They are based West Midlands,they may assist you, it may be worth giving them a call.
Please let us know how you get on
find them at