Over the moon but also upset!!!


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Nov 7, 2004
Went to visit Mum as usual today. She seems on top form considering how advanced her condition is, I say that cos she was upset and said she wanted to die so things must have been getting here down, so I think she was noticing things more.

Anyway, I gave her lunch, which as usual went down as fast as I could feed it her.

Ten minutes later she turned to me, and, as clear as day she said to me:-

"Thank you for helping me"

It was wonderful to hear just those five words, but it also made me upset.

Mum is still there somewhere under the Alzheimer's and she still recognises me.

Made me so happy. A lovely Christmas present.

God bless my Mum.

Keep smiling everyone, you do get a glimps of them now and again!!!!


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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
It is kind of ironic, isn't it, that sometimes the more "with it" the person with dementia is, the more difficult it may be for them. When we visited my mom about a week ago (took Mom from her Alzheimer's home over to see Dad at his nursing home) she was mostly pretty chipper but did have a few spells of crying. She is getting in general pretty incoherent, but what came through when she was upset was basically how getting old stinks -- never thought she'd get like this, she's not worth anything any more, etc.


P.S. That's great that is generally working well to have moved your mum to a different floor -- something of a new start without a major move. I hope things continue to smooth out for you.


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Shakey, treasure these moments, they are very precious, these little breaks through the dementia moments. So glad you had a good visit, love She. XX