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Over-dramatizing pains


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Jan 26, 2016
My sister and I help care for our mom who is 70 and diagnosed with VD about 5 years ago. She is passed the mid stages but not completely incoherent. She repeats herself alot especially if it is something that makes her happy. Like a child visiting. Or something that is just bothering her and she tells us over and over about something that happened. She can still have conversations. They may be minimal sometimes and some of her part is mixed up but she's still there.
Anyways, my sister is the one that brings her to most of her doctors appointments. Mom has a sciatic nerve that does hurt her quite a bit. She's already had surgery so there is nothing else to be done. Because she won't get up and strengthen her muscles anymore.
So, that does hurt, but it's barable.
My sister brings her for a checkup to her cardiologist this morning. Mom is talking fine to my sister and acting fine. As soon as the doctor comes in the room, she acts like she can barely catch her breath to talk and when he asks her if she's been having any chest pains, she tells him yes, she can barely move her neck. She has a cyst on her temple that the doctors do not want to remove since it's not bothering her because of where it is located. It has been growing some again. She tells the doctor that everyone has been making fun of her because of her cyst. Which is not true. Everyone has noticed that it is growing again and are concerned.
As soon as they walk out of the building mom starts walking normal again and talking fine.
Is this normal for VD patients to over-dramatize their pains? She does this more with my sister. I took her to a doctor appointment last week and besides her leg hurting she acted fine.
Anyone ever had this before? I know it's in her mind, but she is specifically changing behavior for doctors and all. Any advice?
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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
We had this with my MIL who had VasD. She used to phone up wailing and saying she was in so much pain and needed help NOW. So we would go over and she would be wreathed in smiles with no sign of pain. Even the physio said that he did not think he could help with the pain because it was not where he would expect it to be.......

I came to the conclusion that she knew there was something wrong with her and she was frightened, but couldnt quite put her finger on what it was, so she would exaggerate some other complaint that she knew she had to try and get some help. Unfortunately, what was wrong was the dementia and we could do nothing to help that. :(


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Jan 7, 2015
North West
My OH exaggerates the length of time he has had a complaint. A couple of weeks ago it was his knee. Think he hurt it in the garden. He told everyone he had been crippled for weeks and people were ringing with the names of good surgeons, physios etc. I field the calls whilst OH moves onto next ailment. Think he likes the kind attention. So difficult to know the level of pain, just have to watch when they are not aware.