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Over coming some typing problems with TP


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Oct 14, 2006
I don’t know how you might approach typing your articles or any replies for posting on TP but I’m guessing that most of you are typing it directly into the (New reply or New thread windows?)

I always use to do it in the same way until my spelling, typing errors and grammar started to defy me and now I find that my eyes and fingers don’t always concur with the keyboard so I was making a lot of errors by pressing the wrong keys like pressing T when I wanted Y as there right next to each other, so what I now do (as I’m doing with this new thread to you) is to type up what I want to say as a (Words Document) first in that way I can immediately see any spelling mistakes by the red underline and correct my grammar, what I also find useful is that when typing if I’m not sure of the correct word or its context I can always use the Synonymous key which helps to jog my memory, then all I have to do is to copy and past my posting onto the TP new thread or replies window.

What I have done is to start a special (Words Document File) that I’ve called (Talking Point articles & replies)

Then when I’m going to use talking point I first open the file and fold it down by clicking on its heading at the bottom of the screen so that I can just pop it up again to type my replies or articles, if it’s a long article I’m replying to then I can keep popping it up and down as a reminder of what I should be replying about otherwise when you go into reply the original article disappears of the screen and if I cant see the original article I forget its content and what I should be writing about which is yet another problem!

Also by keeping my TP articles and replies on the (Words Document) it acts as a reminder of my postings/threads and in what section I placed them otherwise again I forget what I have done and especially if we make postings in more than one section of Talking Point as most of us seem to do.

It also acts as a way of knowing what the characters count is as you can just highlight you article or reply and then go to (Tools) at the top of your monitor and get the complete word count information in this way you make sure you’re always within the characters count limitations especially with short messages replies.

I’m not saying that this is foolproof but it certainly helps me to overcome my problem of typing and maintain some independence at the keyboard and reduces all the frustrations of typing anything especially as I don’t have anyone to help me so I’ve had to devise ways of making things easier for myself.

I hope you don’t mind this bit of information as it’s meant as a positive tip and approach to one of our problems. ;)

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