Out of the mouths of children ....


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Dec 19, 2006
West Country
Thanks Karen ....but tis hard not to feel indaqate, when you read the brilliance of this site and members.......and the more I read and pick up links.......the more cross I actually get with red tape.....( maybe need to go educate myself before becoming contenscious lol )

Thank you also Jennifer.....Dad is 85...so at least on this count I have it right, albeit by luck not judgement...:rolleyes:


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Abby, you're not inadequate. We're all struggling in the dark here. It's just that some people are further along the road, and are thankfully willing to share their experiences.

That's the beauty of this site, there's always someone who's 'been there'. I've learned so much since I joined, and am happy to pass on my own experiences. So don't worry about asking, you'll do your share of answering.


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Feb 26, 2006
I have appealed and am awaiting the outcome and if it is not favourable I will call on the help of my MP. I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed as early stage Parkinson, he can still drive and needs help only with putting on his shoes and socks; he was given the higher rate of AA on diagnosis and was so astonished that he phoned the DWP to see if they had made a mistake and was assured that he was fully entitled. He is also careing for his wife who has terminal cancer!

My daughter has a friend who works giving advice on benefits and assures me that there is no six months rule. I intend making a damned nuisance of myself which may not do me any good but it may help someone in the future.


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Feb 17, 2006
They now say that they cannot decimate on age when applying for a job, new law came out that on application forms for jobs they cannot ask you your age.

Ok so this is all in theory.

So it seem the majority think that it’s because of ageism that society in general do not put property about dementia. Is that not decimation I ask myself?

Yes, I also , tender face I am sure many people in general are the same with the “until it happens to me” attitude.

Cancer gone pass that now thank-god

Why not educated the children about long team drink that can lead to / coma, heart attack (in your 40s or even younger ) heart attack can lead to dementia so then they can get the message about dementia not being an old age illness, they mum dad can get it in they 40s
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