Others experience of Pneumonia please


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May 24, 2006
Until we can get sense out of the doctors we are struggling to make sense of whats going on with Mother

Friday the Consultant phones to say " that as we are a long way away he wanted to warn us she had taken a turn for the worse ,The right basal pneumonia is very deep seated and they had changed antibiotics and would continue to treat over the weekend and review on Monday

My Mother sleeps for 20 out 24 hours and complains she is so so tired and weary and depressed......she rallies if friends come but thats it
She complains of water wooshing round when they hook up the antibiotic IV ( its only connected when they give her the antibiotic )

She is refusing to take any of her pills inc those for High Blood Pressure
She only wants to eat chocolate and even if someone tries to feed her she says the food is tasteless

I guess she has had enough and wants out but i cant make sense of the rest especially after consultants phone call Friday
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Apr 10, 2006
Hi helena

My partner had numerous problems but his recorded cause of death was
(a) Aspiration Pneumonia (b) Post Infaret Seizure............sounds simple!
.............of course it does not mention the suffering it took to reach that point, but thats another story!

Pneumonia........... this started as him sleeping most of the day until he did not become conscious at any time...........his lungs filled up with fluid.......the hospital put him on 'The Pathway' (against my wishes but on the grounds that it was in the patients best interest) they stopped all treatment including anti-biotics until he died a few days later.............that sounds simple too, but it was very difficult to watch............thats not to say that everyone dies of pneumonia, some are treated successfully..........but eitherway, my heart goes out to you helena........i hope you find the strength to get through the difficult time ahead.

Love Alex x
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