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Organising home help from a distance

carpe diem

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Nov 16, 2011
Mum lives 200 miles from me and I have just increased her home help after a hospital stay, I'm not sure I have done a good job of organising the extra help.
I have had to use a new care agency as her original carers (who are excellent and still vist twice a week) couldn't fit in extra hours.
I don't know if my mum is eating proper meals but the new carers can't visit at meal times. They are supposed to visit an hour every day to help with cleaning, washing and generally check all is safe and well. They then fill our a report book, which I obviously can't read from 200 miles away. They won't email me any reports unless mum was ill. They can't tell me the time they are going to visit as they just squeeze her into the rota the day before.
So I don't know who is visiting or when or what they do. Mum did tell me the lady just sat on the sofa for an hour chatting. Her accounts are not credible I know.
Do you think I have done the right thing, is this normal for a care agency?
Social services have a 6 weeks wait for an assesment and I would still have to arrange the care as mum is self funding.
Thank you for reading. Carpe Diem


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Aug 4, 2013
Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Do you have contact with any of mum's neighbours, if so maybe they could pop round for a chat and have a look to see if everything is ok, and have a read of the report book and let you know. Don't know if this is possible, but hopefully someone will be along to help.