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Opporrtunity to put your questions to the Prime Minister

Sarah Thomas

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Oct 9, 2006
The Politics Show on BBC1 will be putting questions to the Prime Minister this Sunday in a live intereview at Number 10.

They are keen to know what subjects the public would like to raise with the Prime Minister.

For your opportunity to raise the issue of dementia with Mr Blair email your question from the BBC site.


Not all questions will be put to him but the best/most popular chosen- GOOD LUCK


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Mar 4, 2006
South Wales
You & Yours 26 April

BBC Radio 4 You & Yours programme will be broadcast from Manchester on Thursday 26th April when the main discussion will be on the cost of care.

There were a couple of trailers for it on today's edition, I think they said there were tickets available to attend the broadcast.

I think they were also inviting contributions by text, email, etc.



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Jan 10, 2007
Politics show

Tha:D nks for your info I have sent a message and who knows it may get read.