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OPG visit did not go too well!


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Jan 28, 2020
I perhaps look at this differently. My Mum would be horrified if she knew what was being paid to keep her in a state that she always dreaded getting to, after she saw her own Mother with dementia.

She always planned that her property would be sold to benefit her grandchildren, and not be used on home fees. I know, without any doubt whatsoever that she would want me to ‘give away’ as much as I can legally do as LPA, in relation to any birthday, Christmas, or Life event (such as wedding).

I am fortunate in that we have enough to cover 6-7 years of fees, and Mum is 90 and has had dementia for 7 years. However, if she does live beyond this, and the council start moaning about deprivation of asset, after she has contributed over £300k to her care, then they can ‘bring it on’.......