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OPG and Annual Account - frustration


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Jan 20, 2011
After many weeks of sweating over spreadsheets we posted two hefty ring binders of evidence with our first Annual Account to OPG Scotland, meeting their deadline for submission. A week later we got an acknowledgement letter informing us that their processing backlog is currently 20 weeks! Checked their website. Yup, they are now processing Annual Accounts received by them at the end of May. :eek:

When they get round to auditing our account next March/April the hefty cheque we sent them will be out of date. Or will it? I wonder if they'll take the payment now for services not yet rendered? :rolleyes:

To be fair, they always respond courteously and knowledgeably to enquiries. However, I do find myself asking what is the point of it all? We have spent many £Ks of my mother's dwindling funds on estate valuations, court fees, solicitor's fees, and OPG fees. We were 6 months into Year 1 before OPG(S) asked for the Inventory and Management Plan. By the time the Annual Account for Year 1 is approved we will be nearing the end of Year 2 and beginning to plan to go back to court, since the Guardianship Order only runs for 3 years. That's if my dear Ma lasts that long.

Is there a similar delay with the OPG for England and Wales?


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
The annual report in England is usually sent out some weeks before the date of the actual date and you are allowed some weeks after the date to return it.
Only the form is sent but the evidence, over and above bank statements, has to be prepared in case the OPG ask for it.
I was never asked for further evidence and received a letter a few weeks later to say that the report had been checked and was accepted.
The Deputyship lasts for the life of the person concerned unless there are reasons it has to be removed.
Guardianship in Scotland seems to be very different.

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