One of those days!


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Sep 5, 2007
East Sussex
I normally work four days a week - from Monday to Friday. Last week one of our cats needed another brain operation, so I swapped days off. This is my first three day weekend for a bit and all I really wanted to do was take things easy.

Although I was spared redundancy just before Christmas (after 8 months of worry), my husband (who works for the same organisation) is just going through the same process. Initially we thought his forthcoming move to another sector would prevent this - there are no redundancies there, but now we're not so sure. His first 1-2-1 meeting was this morning, but because I needed to take another cat to the vet, he took our old Land Rover. Unfortunately it broke down on the way and he was stuck there for 4 hours. The AA diagnosed the problem, but they don't carry parts for such an old vehicle, plus they had to call in someone else to tow the Landy home.

My visit to the vet lasted nearly 2 hours. Nothing physical could be found, so I asked for blood tests and said I would wait. (My husband was obviously going to need the car for work and I couldn't collect Jasper in the afternoon). Thankfully the tests only showed he has some sort of infection, so with a bit of luck the antibiotic injection should put him right in a couple of days.

Just as I got home the phone rang. It was my Mum's care home. She'd been in terrible pain all morning from her badly swollen legs (she has end stage kidney failure as well as AD). They'd called the doctor, but asked if I could go in to calm her down. Obviously I couldn't do that until my husband got home as he didn't take a key this morning. When he eventually got back we went up to see her, but by that time she'd exhausted herself and was fast asleep. She has now refused all food for 3 weeks and isn't drinking much either. As my husband had been refused the rest of the day off as annual leave, we had to leave her for the time being. I will try and visit again later.

On top of all that, the home are trying to get my Mum moved into the nursing wing. I know it will be better for her, but it's sad that she has to leave her room when she's only been there for 6 weeks.

My husband dropped me at home, but I got another call from him about 20 minutes later. He was stuck in exactly the same place as this morning, only this time a bad accident had closed the road. :eek:

Oh... and I don't know if it's just my PC, but this site has suddenly started misbehaving. I normally work with the screen resolution at 1024 x 768, but no matter how high I go, the site just won't fit and I have to scroll from side to side...


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Jan 15, 2008

That truly sounds like the day from hell and my total and utter sympathy is winging its way to you over the ether. What a horrible time for you - I do hope that you will be able to relax with your hubbie this evening over a glass of wine or two.

Today - someone hacked into my hotmail and ebay account and bid (and won) nearly £5k worth of mobile phones! I think it's sorted out (certainly the ebay one is) but I can't reset my hotmail account. :mad: Not a good day either!

Hope you are OK and I'm sorry to hear that your Mum is so poorly.



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Zooey, what a terrible day!

I hope your mum settles, it must be awful to be in constant pain and not to understand what's happening.

Hope you've found what's causing the problem with your PC too, and your husband has arrived home safely.

Love and sympathy,


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Sep 5, 2007
East Sussex
Thank you Skye and Susan. With all the animals at home, yesterday wasn't that unusual, so it didn't really bother me. Things go wrong and then they sort themselves out again. We know what's wrong with the Landy, so we should be able to get it fixed eventually. There's a specialist Land Rover repair centre about an hour's drive away, but we just need to find the time. Jasper is on the mend and is back to begging for treats. I've now taught 9 of our cats to do tricks and they're pretty shameless when it comes to sweeties. :D

We visited my Mum again today and she doesn't appear to be in quite so much pain. I don't know if we're visiting at the wrong time, but she barely acknowledges our presence these days. Sometimes I have to ask a question several times to get an answer and then it's only the odd word or two. She's now back on the water tablets and paracetamol (or a stronger painkiller if necessary). They will all shorten the life of her kidneys, but I'm happy with the decision. We left her on the verge of sleep, but with some old war tunes playing on her iPod via Shaun the Sheep. She doesn't like the headphones and he really was a great find. Poor Gromit is now ignored on her bedside cabinet. She really doted on him when I got him a few months ago, but she doesn't even want to cuddle him these days. It's all very sad, but it also seems perfectly natural to me. It would be lovely to have one meaningful conversation with her, but I know that's something a lot of you could never dream of. We've had 50 years of shared memories and that will do very nicely. :)

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