one hour a week volunteer internet work


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Nov 25, 2003
My father has alzeimers and I have noticed that social services are not good at finding the equipment available which might help him. They seem only to have an account at one shop, and they don't even carry a catalogue for that!

There is a way that anyone with knowledge of what's available can help, if they are good at research, fair-minded, and used to using the internet. It is to volunteer to edit the appropriate catagories on, which is a large directory of link paages that search engines like Google use to select their top rankings. Then (if social services think to look on Google!) they will be pointed in the right direction.

You can get to the right page by typing the right keywords into or going straight to

There is another more specific site to the subject, but focussed more on the USA:'s/

You may find other catagories more appropriate to your skills. You will often see a note near the bottom of the page saying "Volunteer to edit this catagory". Click on it for instructions in how to apply. The job does not require contact with the people you deal with, but you do need to log-on to the internet for about an hour a week to assess applications to be on the links pages, and to do your own research finding the best links. It requires some patience with a rather ropey system of online screens and passwords for managing the links lists, and the ability to skim read some rather verbose instructions and guidelines.

Volunteers are assessed after clicking on the "Volunteer" link and sending in three favourite links with a description of who they are and why they want to help. There is no minimum time commitment - you can volunteer for a month if you want - as long as you are fair and good at research.

Hope someone finds this interesting - it's just an idea. If you know an internet fiend who knows a lot about disability equipment, please print this message out and pass it to them