on top of spaghetti....


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
yes-meatballs/sauce and covered in cheese-Eric already tucking into his-I didn't sneeze but caught the door as I carried it through-nothing makes a mess like spaghetti and tomato sauce-and there it was-up the wall,all over the carpet and down my front-and I was so looking forward to eating it. Without wishing to sound dramatic I sank to my knees and wept while I scooped up what I could into my bowl-and I felt like a failure. eric carried on watching tv and said"oh no-will the carpet be ok-we'll probably have to scrub it tomorrow. Have you got enough to eat-would you like to share mine?" After I'd changed clothes and cleaned up and settled down to eat the remains he asked me never to get angry again-or to cry because he didn't like it... in the "old" days we'd have laughed about it... I just needed to share that with somebody.The simplest things seem so important at times


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
Share anything you like,like Eric said,a time ago you would have laughed at what happened.Laugh again darling.no matter what we have to endure in life theres always a funny side.maybe not at the time,but tomorow it will make you laugh,i hope.
spaghetti always shoots off my plate,even when its still in the pan i can anticipate problems with it.
take care elainex


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Mar 7, 2004
Oh gigi, I know what you mean when you say:
he asked me never to get angry again-or to cry because he didn't like it... in the "old" days we'd have laughed about it...
These are not the 'old' days, but the days to cherish memories from. You are still together, even in the times of stress.

I can remember an incident when Lionel upended the salt all over his meal. Rather than upset him, I simply switched plates. He never even noticed that I had nothing to eat. I was hurt at the time, now I would give anything to have him sitting across the table from me.

Glad though that you felt you could share tonights memory with us.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Oh dear Gigi, it is the little things that get to you. It`s because you`re living on a knife edge and just cannot take things in your stride.

I made a curry, my husband tasted it and decided it was sour.
It was the tin of tomatoes that did it, his taste buds have changed. So he put sugar in it and ruined it. I was so looking forwards to the curry and finished up having egg on toast.

It stops being funny when everything`s an ordeal.


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Feb 17, 2006
It did get to me also when that happen to my mother the first time but it was with spaghetti Bolognese , went all over the place , the dog had a filed day [ just adding a bit of light humor ], but he did and still does

A tip I lean as my mum love how my daughter cook spaghetti Bolognese is to cut up spaghetti after dishing it up , in to small peaces .

also with meatballs cut them up I don't add to much sauce or make it thick and have to put something around mum or it all go over her clothes
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Jul 31, 2007
When Peter was at home, cooked a meal-fresh salmon.
Placing veg etc., on his plate and the hovering !!!
I put my piece on a seperate plate for a salad later when Peter was settled. Then whilst hovering he said - don't let that piece go to waste put it on his plate !! I ended up with cheese salad.
On a seperate occassion Peter told me what he wanted and I got a piece of fillet steak. Put the steak on my plate and low and behold he placed it on his.
O.K. that I let pass over BUT when my 2 daughters and Grandchildren bring in my favourite Belgian Chocolates. Sitting of an evening opening the chocolates taking out ONE and offering Peter to have one or two, he would just take the box and eat the WHOLE lot. He never liked chocolate before.
At the time, I could have cried because I have to be so careful with food but to eat my chocs !!!!
Best wishes everyone. Christine


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
spaghetti and meatballs!

Thanks everyone for listening and making me smile! The carpet is fine-no scrubbing needed.....and Eric says he NEVER wants meatballs and spaghetti again!!

Kate P

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Jul 6, 2007
This thread made me sad and also smile.

We took mum for a meal a few weeks ago to give dad a break - she wolfed hers down and sat looking at ours.

My sister asked her if she wanted a chip - mum nodded, picked up the salt and covered my sister's tea with it (she hates salt!). She then calmly sat and ate all of my sisters chips while I tried to contain my giggles at the look on my sister's face! (She's always dieting so only allows herself chips rarely). Mum paused at the last chip but then decided to eat it anyway!

Apparently she's done the same on meals out when they have big platters of veg on the table for everyone to share. Everyone took a bit and passed it around but whenever it got to mum she just emptied the lot on to her plate - apparently she had a veg mountain!