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On our own here!


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Mar 15, 2020
I think you were very lucky @jennifer1967 , I had nothing like that with mum.
How did she find you? Did you have to find her, or were you referred to her by someone?
the memory clinic referred us to her and she phoned us. he was diagnosed 2 weeks before first lockdown. he was then shielding. she has all the knowledge and we are lucky to have her.


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Jul 17, 2021
Agree with everything. It's not rocket science , is it? Or is it?

The other issue I have is the idea that a carer support group is the answer to all the carer's woes. Maybe it's just me, but I actually don't want to give up some "me"time, to go and talk to other people in the same boat. If I have a break, I do not want to spend that time on something dementia related. Selfish, I know. When offered this solution, I asked if there was a creche. A puzzled, "No. Why?" " Well, what do I do with my PWD, who can't be left?" Apparently I get a sitter. Apart from the cost, have you actually tried to get a carer for a few random hours a month? And there are things that I've shared here that I would never admit face-to-face with somone I might meet at the deli counter in Tesco.
Oh yes @lolly.c. Not selfish at all. It’s not just you. I can feel your anger.