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On a positive note!


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Oct 14, 2006
Hi my friends
A bit of news that you might be interested in is that a few weeks ago when I was on Facebook I was looking at a section I like called (Cake !!!!!!!) who had put an article on their Facebook page asking (Does Baking motivate you and is it therapeutic for you) so I wrote to them with a short article about myself and sent a few photos telling them about my past profession and then me having been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and how continuing my baking is helping to keep me motivated and therapeutic to my condition, anyway I had an E-mail from them a few days ago and they want to publish my story and feature me in the March issue, they also asked for more photos of my products.

Must admit I feel quite pleased with myself and YES very motivated, in-fact I might bake a cake, but it’s a shame I can’t eat it!

But joking aside I also look upon this as being yet another step forward in raising the awareness of Dementia and letting people know that even with our illness we can still achieve and do things that give us motivation and have a therapeutic consequence on our condition which in turn can help to boost our moral and in turn help us to fight even harder, so my advice to anyone who has dementia is to say “IF POSSIBLE” don’t give up, keep on fighting, and keep as active as you possible can with maybe a past hobby or even a new hobby, try to be the master over your own destiny for as long as you can…

Apparently the article is due in the “March magazine Issue” and can be ordered direct from their website as from 26 February, it’s also available in the UK shops and supermarkets.

So as they say: There’s still life in the old dog yet! LOL

If you would like the link to their website and know that full name of the magazine then please send me a private message and I will send it to you!

Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
Well done Barry:) I'm partial to cake:D will look out for the magazine.

Carry on baking!


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Oct 28, 2013
So pleased to hear from you Barry, congratulations on your artical in magazine ♡♡♡


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Sep 7, 2012
How wonderful to read about you having your recipes and life published.
Please PM the link to me Barry, I look forward to reading it.

I made your Lebkuchen at Christmas...many, many times. I made them for my visitors, I made them for my sister's visitors, I made them for my son's day centre... Dee-lish-ous.

My interpretation of your Stollen was a disappointment...I don't have enough patience for bread making :eek: so it 'proved' itself to be like a house brick with marzipan in the middle :)

But I will try again at Easter when things are less fraught than Christmas.

So good to hear about your new venture... I wish I could actually taste some of your creations.

I hope it proves :) to be a long relationship with the magazine.
Best wishes and as they say in kitchen show-biz...break an egg. X